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    9U House League Rules
    Created: May 22, 2023 10:19 AM, Updated: Apr 24, 2024 8:09 PM
    SMBA 2023 Rookie House League Rules These rules were established in keeping with the philosophy of the SMBA, that the principal aim for Rookie House League baseball is to have fun and teach good sportsmanship, as well as try to further the basic skills of baseball. All Baseball Ontario (OBA) rules and regulations will be followed, with the following exceptions as per the SMBA: 1. All players are to receive equal defensive playing time. Players should be moved around in defensive innings to different positions for league games. The goal is to have all players be able to learn and experience as much about the game of baseball as possible. This in turn leads to improvement and knowledge for all players, increasing the love of the game and keeping these kids as players in the future. 2. All players are to be entered in the batting order. If a player shows up late they are to be added to the bottom of the batting order, no penalty is incurred for doing so. 3. There is unlimited substitution for defense play. 4. Baseball Pants are required. 5. Maximum of 11 players on the playing field. A maximum of 7 players are allowed on the infield including the catcher, if 7 on the infield two must remain at the pitcher position. The remaining players will play in the outfield at a minimum of 10 feet from the infield (must be on outfield grass). There can only be four outfielders. 6. An 8 ft. diameter safety circle MUST be marked off around the pitching machine. No player is permitted to enter the safety circle, which is considered a dead ball area. Enter means that any part of the body enters the safety circle. The pitchers must stand on the lines drawn around the circle. The pitcher must have both feet on the white line until the ball is released from the pitching machine. Once the ball is released from the machine, the pitcher may move in front of the line, but may not move through the circle. Neither the pitcher nor any other player may in any way break the plane of the 8 foot diameter circle around the machine whether stepping on the circle line or reaching into the circle while in an attempt to field a ball. Play will be called dead and 1 base will be awarded to the batter. All other forced runners will move 1 base. 7. 5 pitches per batter. No walks. Fifth pitch foul ball is not registered as an out except if caught by the catcher. 8. No bunting. Players are to take a full swing. 9. No infield fly rule. 10. 5 runs or 3 outs to complete an inning. 11. No lead offs. No stealing. Players may leave base once the batter contacts the ball. 12. If there is an overthrow at first base the ball is in play. Runners may advance at their own risk up to a maximum of one base. If the overthrown ball is not returned to the pitcher but thrown to another base, trying for an out, it is once again a live ball. 13. The play will be halted with any throw or attempted throw to one of the pitchers from any infielder, the umpire will call time. Runners must return to the previous base unless over half way to the next base, call made at the discretion of the umpire. 14. A batted ball that hits the pitching machine or coach is declared a single and all forced runners advance one base. 15. The pitching machines are to be properly setup and agreed upon by both teams prior to the start of the game. If during the game the machine needs to be adjusted, it can only be done so after an inning has ended (after bottom of inning) and must be agreed upon by both teams and the umpire. Once an inning starts the machine cannot be touched (speed or height) until both teams complete their at bats, making it equal for both teams. This applies to all league games and tournament games. Any violation to this rule will result in the following: 1st Offence in a game is a warning to the coach. 2nd Offence in a game is ejection of coach and batter declared out. 16. No new inning to start after 1hr or 7 Innings. 17. Players playing the Pitchers position must have a helmet with a face mask. 18. Umpires decisions are final. Much like the players, the umpires for these games are also learning. There will be zero tolerance for abuse of officials, any coach or player ejections must be reported and could lead to further penalty if deemed warranted by the SMBA Executive. Remember: Games are about development. If a team is short players there is NO forfeit. Play the game using the kids that are there. All coaches should try to field capable players at the catcher position. Issues arise if there is not a catcher willing to try and catch the pitched ball. The pitched ball is then chased all over the diamond causing significant delays in between pitches. This slows the game down, and the next pitch is likely to be quicker and higher, due to the pitching machine picking up speed while waiting for the next pitch. While coaches are encouraged to field a capable player at catcher, it is rookie baseball and this can be a tough position to fill. Coaches are also encouraged to find a shagger to get the missed balls and allow play to continue at a quicker pace. A shagger can be another coach, parent or an older sibling of a player, providing the sibling wears a helmet. ROOKIE TOURNAMENT RULES All Baseball Ontario (OBA) rules and regulations will be followed, with the same exceptions/clarifications as per the SMBA Rookie House League rules. Coin Toss to decide home team. Home team to provide an adult scorekeeper. • Each team is guaranteed 3 games. • 11 run mercy rule in effect after 5 complete innings. • No new inning to start after 1 hr or 7 complete innings for all tournament games, including semifinals and finals. The formula to determine tie-breakers is as follows: • Total points - 2 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; 0 points for a loss • Head to head (if played equally) • Total runs against / number of defensive innings • Total runs for / number of offensive innings minus • Run differential as a percent -runs for / runs for + runs against
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