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    13U House League Rules
    Created: May 22, 2023 10:23 AM, Updated: May 28, 2024 12:01 PM
    2024 13U House League Rules These rules were established in keeping with the philosophy that the principal aim for 13U House League baseball is to have fun and teach good sportsmanship, as well as try to further the basic skills of baseball. Basic Baseball Ontario (OBA) regulations will be followed, with the following exceptions/clarifications from the TMBI: 1. All players are to receive equal playing time. 2. All players are to be entered in the batting order. If a player shows up late they are to be added to the bottom of the batting order, no penalty is incurred for doing so. 3. Unlimited substitution for defense play, except for pitcher and catcher. 4. The “Dropped Third Strike” rule does not apply to 13U House League. If the third strike called by the umpire is not caught, the batter is out and cannot try advancing to first base. All other base runners can advance at their own risk. 5. Baseball pants are required. 6. A Base Runner cannot steal home on a pitched ball or on a throwback to the pitcher from the catcher. Penalty – Base Runner is called out. 7. Any person warming up the pitcher must wear a catcher’s mask. 8. No new inning to start after 1 hr. & 30 minutes, or 7 complete innings. 9. A pitcher may NOT PITCH in 3 consecutive innings. It does not matter if a pitcher only throws one pitch in an inning, it counts as an inning. Once the pitcher is removed, he/she may not pitch again that game. 10. A pitcher may not play catcher in the same game nor shall a player who has played catcher go into pitch in the same game. 11. Infield fly rule DOES apply. 12. Four (4) runs scored or 3 outs per inning to end an inning. 13. Umpires decisions are final. 14. If not listed, please follow OBA Arm Care rules. Much like the players the umpires for these games are also learning. There will be zero tolerance for abuse of officials, any coach or player ejections must be reported and could lead to further penalty if deemed warranted by the TMBI Executive. Call up players from 11U H/L is permitted if needed (no REP Players). No team may use call up players if said team has at least ten (10) team players. Exception – A coach is told by players that they will be away and this number places the team below ten (10). The coach calls up players from 11U H/L .The team players, who said they would be away, show up at the game, and put the team over ten (10) players. The players called up can play a maximum of two innings in the field and must be entered in the last position in the batting order. Remember: Games are about development. If a team is short players there is no forfeit, play the game using the kids that are there. PEEWEE HOUSE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT RULES All Baseball Ontario rules and regulations will be followed, with the same exceptions/clarifications as per the SMBA Peewee House League rules above.  Coin Toss to decide home team. Home team to provide an adult scorekeeper.  11 run mercy rule in effect after 5 complete innings.  During this tournament, a pitcher is only allowed to pitch a maximum of 6 innings. All other pitching rules still apply. The formula to determine Tie-Breakers is as follows: • Total points - 2 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; 0 points for a loss • Head to head (if played equally) • Total runs against / number of defensive innings • Total runs for / number of offensive innings • Run differential as a percent -runs for / runs for + runs against • Run differential - runs for minus runs against
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