Late Registration Policy (Tillsonburg Minor Baseball)

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TMBI Late Registration Policy




Regular registration fees can be paid up to and including April 1st, 2024. If a parent or guardian would like to register a player after the said date, there will be a $50 late charge added to the regular registration fee. The last day to register is April 1st 2024 after that time no more registrations will be accepted. Payment can be made through etransfer to [email protected] (please include your child's name that you are paying for in the email).


The last day of registration will be clearly communicated to the public. This information may be passed along via the following way, but is not limited to: the TMBI website.

The following items will also be clearly stated on the registration information:

1.     Last day for registration is April 1st 2024. (All late fees apply after April 1st, 2024).

2.    There will be a $50 late charge per child for all registrations beyond April 1st, 2024. Any registrations after April 1st ,2024 will have a $50 late fee.  

3.    Registration is not considered complete until both the registration form AND the registration fees are submitted to the  registrar.